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Allu Sirish’s Prema Kadanta Movie News Details, Cast & Crew, Other Updates – Filmi Beat

Allu Sirish’s Prema Kadanta Movie News Details, Cast & Crew, Other Updates

Allu Sirish's Prema Kadanta Movie

The latest Prema Kadanta movie is the succeeding highly-anticipated romantic drama. Rakesh Shashi, who is known for his winning and race match films, wrote and directed Allu Sirish’s Prema Kadanta movie and it was produced by Vijay M on the Geeta Arts banner. Anoop Rubens and Achchu Rajamani together designed the background music and soundtrack for the cinema. Tanveer Mir provides the camera for the movie.

Cast & Crew:

Allu Sirish and Anu Emmanuel are in a leading role. This is Allu Sirish’s sixth cinema. He is able to entertain this romantic movie. Allu Sirish has experienced a huge physical change for this movie. The cast and crew stayed working shot during the film, which started executing a few months before. Dubbing for the film has freshly started. It continued to share on Twitter that the shooting was nearly over and the final record was left.

Poster Details:

Allu Sirish should publish the first look poster of the film Prema Kadanta on the occasion of his birthday. There are two look posters in this post. In the first one, Shirish is seen kissing Anu while Anu is taking a mirror selfie. He performed in random tea when the star actress seemed chic while wrapping a silver sweater. When it appears to the other poster, the two main characters seem to share an intimate time and it also bathes. He seemed classy wearing a white shirt and Anu did sport in a plain maroon dress.

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Movie Plot:

Allu and Anu Emmanuel are joining in the movie titled Prema Kadanta movie. Their magical on-screen chemistry arrives in the indication posters. While a romantic catch on the modern-day love story, the movie takes you on a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs, accidents, and happy times.

Release Date Details:

The filmmakers plan to deliver the movie in theatres on November 17th, 2021. So all are enjoying the movie in Theatres with safety precautions. After this publication, Allu fans are very happy and expectations about the movie are very precious.

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